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Guarantees in the web-sites creation

Usually, before ordering the web-site the clients ask about the guarantees of the successfull result. Working in this field for many years we have found the formula of the successfull result. This formula is:

Proven technology + Development process standards

Proven technology

In web-sites development we use the CMS xSight - the content management system of our own design.

We develop this system since 2003. All this time we are constantly improving it:add new and new features, simplify the user interface, rise the productivity, closely following the security.

So, ordering the site on the base of the CMS xSight you get guaranteed quality system that is proven by the time and works well for many projects.

Development process standards

Together with the improvement of the technology of the sites creation we improve also the development process.

Long-term experience in this field allowed us to standardize all the stages of the websites development and new modules connection.

Having a strict standartization we for sure know how long each step takes. These metrics allowed us to implement the internal certification for our engineers. In order to pass the trial term all the new developers shoud pass the exam: to build the site on the base of the CMS xSight and connect all the standard modules to it. The exam is considered successfull when all the tasks are finished within the terms corresponding to these metrics.

So, we can guarantee that only specialists that have proved their level of training on the practice work on our projects.

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