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Guarantees in the custom development


We always keep in the account the risk related with the possibility than somebody of the developers might leave our team. That's why we always assign two or more senior developers on the project - people who can lead the project and arrive the architectural decisions.

In case if one of them leaves, the project is continued according to the schedule leaded by the other senior developer assigned on the project. And in the same time we smoothly replace the person that leaves with the other one. It gives us the possibility to guarantee that the "second pilot" is always present on the project and risks are insure.

Project development

Whan the project is finished we move it together with all the documentation to the project archive. The archive contains all the project materials: documentation, source codes, meeting notes, key e-mailing. All the documentation corresponds to our internal standards that are common for all the projects.

It allows us to deploy the project at any time - even after many years after the project finish. With the help of the single standards new people can learn the project in the shortest time. So, we can, on one hand, start the next stage of the development maximum quickly and, on the other hand, guarantee that the basic architecture of the system will be kept.